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  • Shamanic Healing / Counselling
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Soul Retrieval 
  • Passing of Shamanic Power​​

Dear Friends, 
​In the mists of the pandemic I want to offer you an opportunity to be able to reset and find your center again.  In the coming months, as we emerge from safely isolating, I will be offering a sliding scale option for those who would like either a 60 minute Reiki session or a 60 minute Massage session.  
You have the option of paying nothing or something - I will meet you where you are at and know that we are all provided for. 

If you are a health care worker, first responder, delivery person or cashier/grocery worker who has been working during this crisis you receive 4 complimentary 60 minute sessions. For more details call or text me.  

I want to help you find your center again.  This is what I am able to offer.
Please take care of you and book your session with me.   

​Peace and blessings,

Shamanic Healing

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She's the real deal, folks
Mouse is the best combination of informal and unpretentious, and a true spiritual healer. She naturally combined accessing the ancestors, spirit animals, channeling, and massage into a healing session that left me feeling both grounded and optimistic about healing. Bless you and your hands and your heart and your vision, and may you reach many more souls in need of your healing gifts.

To reveal the light that you are and reclaim your power from whatever trauma or loss that may have occurred. 

Before booking give me a call and let me answer any questions you might have, see if what I offer is what you need and go from there! 

  • Soul Contract Re-write
  • Extractions
  • Shifting from Diagnosis
  • Contact with Ancestors
  • Training and Mentoring Program

To stay safe from 
the studio will remain closed until the "all clear" is given. 

​I understand the need for healing touch and that manual therapy has a place in the alternative medicine field. I also know that all body pain can be associated with a feeling or emotion, beyond the trauma that might have caused the current situation. 



Mouse Savaiano

Mouse was a wonderful healer. She intuited a message from my childhood that I had forgotten and that was the big clue to over coming a long bad habit and changing my self care routine.


Mouse is a genius with the body. She has amazing intuition and follows it in her treatment of you. She has a great understanding of how one area of the body relates to another and

is great at working out the puzzle.

If you have injuries I highly recommend her!

- Lynn B