About Mouse

In the mid 1990's I had a healing experience that set me on my current path. 
​I had been taken to my first "healing circle." Not knowing what to expect I went with an open mind and a healthy curiosity. Once I arrived and was encouraged to "think healing thoughts" and when I was ready then I would place my hands on the person receiving, keeping in mind the healing intention. 

As I placed my hands on her, there was a moment I will never forget!

The most amazing and brilliant white light came flooding over me, through me and to the person laying on the mat.  I'd like to say that I stayed with it and from that point forward I was a healer and never looked back. 

The truth is, I actually freaked out! I removed my hands, got up and sat and observed for the remainder of the time. 

So what happened? What was the light? I really don't know. I do know that my friend that brought me to the circle then gifted me a book after I told her of my experience, called, "The Healing Energy of You Hands", by Michael Bradford. I devoured this book!  It helped define me as an Energy Worker and I use it today in my teaching and gift it to my students. 

As I became more self taught in Energy Work I worked on friends and acquaintances on occasion, but never called myself a healer.  I had jobs! I worked in a variety of offices, institutions, non-profits and schools as well as travel adventures before I started looking into Energy Work as a "thing" I might want to "do." Go figure, a giant white light wasn't enough to push me into this profession!

I learned Reiki I & II, studied Shamanic Journey, took Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher Training, became a Licensed Massage Therapist and expanded my Spirituality through my Pagan practice and Science of Mind practice/studies. 
Through a daily meditation practice I learned to honor what I do by not calling my gift "woo-hoo" but honoring it, hence the name "The Body Psychic." It is what came to me through my guides, and I have learned how to communicate with them over the years. Something I help my students do through my classes, it's truly a powerful knowing that there is more than we can "see" helping and supporting each of us on our journey.  I've since dropped Body Psychic and in the midst of creating a modality that encompasses what Spirit is showing me. I have no idea what to call it, yet I am formulating ways to teach it as I type (December 2018). 

In the 24  years I have been doing this work, and the last 11 years ONLY doing Healing Work, Teaching & Mentoring other healers for my source of income. I use Reiki every session and my Spirit Guides and Power Animals come to help too.  I have been able to see past relatives and situations to support each client as the Universe, Great Spirit, God sees fit. 
It is amazing and different every session and I just get more and more immersed in this path the more of it I do! 
 There is no limit to what can be learned, shared and experienced. 

I have helped many release old patterns and beliefs, have cleared energy from others, released traumas from the body. The work I do is long lasting and touches mind, body and soul in all dimensions. 

Whether you are a potential client or student, I would love to have a deeper conversation with you if you have questions!  You can call me directly on my cell:  312 799 9414 

Peace and blessings,
Mouse Savaiano
Shamanic Spiritual Intuitive Healer