In this 8 week practice we dive into the realm of Shamanic Journeying.  I will teach you to know the Lower World, where you'll find you Spirit Animal(s), You will know the Upper World to find your Spirit Guides.  During our time together we will go deep to uncover that which needs to be revealed and healed for you on your life's path. 

This is an intimate and sacred teaching. As a Shamanic Practitioner I understand the power that this practice unleashes and will be able to hold space for you on your journey.

This is an ancient practice bringing us closer to the Spirit worlds where we can ask questions, get clarity and support with decisions and direction we might need to go. Stating an intention and asking for assistance is the key to a successful journey. 

We will meet for 2 hours each session at my north Evanston Space and you will be required to do journeys on your own in between sessions. 

$150 per session or a discounted one time payment of $1,100 
​The 8 weeks can be every week if you're that kind of student, or every other week - giving more space for integration. Each session will include no less than 2 journeys but no more than 4. 
Note book and materials will be provided. 

If you are interested in working with me send an email: 




Healer Mentoring Program

Reiki I, II and III Master Teacher Training

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Learn the healing art of Reiki

I offer on-going classes each month for Reiki Level I and/or Level II. 
Reiki is a Japaneses Energy Modality accessing the "Universal Life Force Energy".  Everyone already has access to this energy, it may be a matter of trusting in your own abilities or coming to a class to be "attuned" - in which the Reiki Energy is dialed into making it easier to access and share. 

Reiki Level I $175 
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21st 10 am - 5 pm 

Reiki Level II $260 

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26th 10 am - 5 pm 

Each level comes with "Student Mentoring Sessions" with me, one-on-one. 

Reiki shares and trades with past students

Priority when scheduling for the next level training

If interested please complete this contact form, Thank you - Mouse

Healing through  Shamanic Journey

 Mouse Shamanic Healer
shamanic healer  & reiki master teacher


by appointment only

Healer Mentoring Program

This offering is for Healers of all modalities. Here we discuss your process, your vision for success, clients, business, marketing, boundaries, ethics, money, scheduling, and get clarity on your next right steps for you and your practice.  I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade with a variety of skill sets in my wheel house. 

Through meditation, Spiritual Guidance and Clarity Conversations there is sure to be a shift in you, your business and the clients you attract.  Sessions can be once a month, bi-monthly or weekly - most clients sign on for a 3 month program to allow for integration and processing.  If you think this might be what you need but require more clarity drop me a line and lets schedule a 15-20 minute conversation to see if we're a good fit for each other! I look forward to hearing from you (use the book here button below). 

​             The duration of our time together will be 50 minutes.  $90 per session                      BOOK HERE