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Over the years I have seen many clients who have suffered body pain simply because their work station was set up for a generic human body type. 

Their chair is at the wrong height, the desk couldn't be moved, the computer monitor off to the side...any one of these things and more can contribute to  body pain & stiffness, including:

  • carpal tunnel
  • low back pain
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • jaw pain / TMJ
  • tingling in the fingers and hands
  • hip and knee pain

All of which can be corrected by assessing and adjusting the work station for that specific employee.  By doing so will increase productivity, a more friendly work environment, less sick time or doctors visits. 

What I can offer: 

Office Assessment

 With each employee at their work station, office or desk - I review their work habits, work station set up and where improvements or corrections need to be made. 

Office Chair Massage

Once a week, twice a month or once a month I can come to the office to help alleviate the body pain for the employees through 15 minute chair massage offerings. This can be employer or employee paid.

Contact me for pricing details for either service. 


The work environment needs to promote productivity and maintain healthy employees.  I can help you have both. 

Assessing Employees:

Are your employees happy? 
Do they bicker or display power struggles among themselves?

Are they team players or in victim mode? 

Do they show up late or are they constantly calling in sick? 

Can you count on them? 

Has productivity gone down? 

I am not here to take you all out in the woods and do some trust fall exercise. However, I know that each personality brings to the office their life outside the office including their past relationships with parents, siblings, lovers, friends and past employers. 

Wouldn't it be nice to reveal the sticking points, clear them out and have a clean slate to work from. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a cohesive team with clear communication styles and needs being met. 
I can help you create the win-win-win situation for you, the team and the company/organization. 

I would come to the office over a series of days or weeks depending on the number of staff. I will conduct one-on-one 60 minute interview with each team member in confidence and give constructive feedback, tools and opportunities for behavioral changes. 

I will follow up with each employee again for 30 minutes face-to-face in the weeks to come and again via phone in the months to follow.

An assessment of productivity, mood, camaraderie and over all health will be established at the beginning of my program and then reassess at the end.

In addition I can continue to offer services to acclimate new highers. 

Call for pricing details or to answer any questions about this program.