Massage Therapy

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008 and I work on a Spiritual and Emotional level to get to the root of the body pain you might be experiencing.   It is important to me that any of my clients who seek this service are interested in their own healing and are willing to do the work, if necessary to improve their life in a way that eliminates the pain and discomfort one might be experiencing. 

I understand the need for healing touch and that manual therapy has a place in the alternative medicine field. I also know that all body pain can be associated with a feeling or emotion, beyond the trauma that might have caused the current situation. 

All that being said - I have some very specific tools and techniques that can be used in each session, based on the clients needs and desired outcome. 

  • Myofascial Release for neck, voice, swallowing, TMJ and upper shoulder and postural slouching and discomfort. Sometimes from working at a computer, nursing, or simply "poor" posture. 

  • Therapeutic Massage - for pre/post surgeries or after a trauma; accidents, falls, sports injury. 

  • Rehab Massage - After PT is over and you still need care, this is a very focused session to work on the issue you were in PT for.  Call to discuss needs and pricing* 312-799-9414

  • Pre-Natal Massage - for women after their first trimester, 60 minute session.

Maintaining health and well-being; in a 60, 75 or 90 minute session, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly this session is to help maintain your overall progress. When a new client comes to me it may be important to receive work on a weekly basis to get to the neutral space. After which if that space is maintained we can move sessions to bi-monthly or every 3 weeks. 

60 Minutes: $100

75 Minutes: $125
90 Minutes: $145

​MFR First visit 50 minutes: $90
MFR follow up 30 minutes: $65

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