My Healer Journey

So what happened when I placed my hands on the person in the Healing Circle? 

The most amazing and brilliant white light came flooding over me, through me and to the person laying on the matt.  I'd like to say that I stayed with it and from that point forward I was a healer and never looked back. 

The truth is, I actually freaked out! I removed my hands, got up and sat and observed for the remainder of the time. 

So what happened? What was the light? I really don't know. I do know that my friend that brought me to the circle then gifted me a book after I told her of my experience, called, "The Healing Energy of You Hands", by Michael Bradford. I devoured this book!  It helped define me as an Energy Worker and I use it today in my teaching. 

As I became more self taught in Energy Work I worked on friends and acquaintances on occasion, but never called myself a healer.  I had jobs! I worked in a variety of offices, institutions, non-profits and schools as well as travel adventures before I started looking into Energy Work as a "thing" I might want to "do." Go figure, a giant white light wasn't enough to push me into this profession!!!

I learned Reiki I & II, studied Shamanic Journey, took Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher Training, became a Licensed Massage Therapist and expanded my Spirituality through my Pagan practice and Science of Mind practice/studies. 
Through a daily meditation practice I learned to honor what I do by not calling my gift "woo-hoo" but honoring it, hence the name "The Body Psychic." It is what came to me through my guides, and I have learned how to communicate with them over the years. Something I help my students do through my classes, it's truly a powerful knowing that there is more than we can "see" helping and supporting each of us on our journey.

In the 20 plus years I have been doing this work, and the last 9 years ONLY doing Healing Work for my source of income (I consider Teaching Healing Work too) I use Reiki every session and my Spirit Guides and Power Animals come to help too.  I have been able to see past relatives and situations to support each client as the Universe, Great Spirit, God sees fit. 

It is amazing and different every session and I just get more and more imersed in this path the more of it I do! 
 There is no limit to what can be learned, shared and experienced.

Adding to my story (2018) I have been practicing Shamanic Work with a mentor for the past 3 years, and recently completed a 2 week Shamanic Intensive workshop - pulling me to study over a 3 year period with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  By the end of 2019 I will be focusing my energies solely on "Shamanic Healing" - by which allowing others who are in the healing arts to take my space in massage and Reiki. 

Whether you are a potential client or student, I would love to have a deeper conversation with you if you have questions!  You can call me directly at 312 799 9414 

Peace and blessings,


Shamanic Practitioner

My Healing Journey

 Mouse Shamanic Healer
shamanic healer  & reiki master teacher