Although I have been practicing Reiki since 2004, I have honed in and I incorporate   my skills as a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Claircognizance.  This session has gone though many names, including "Body Psychic Session" - and now I'm back to Reiki.

What does that even mean?

Over the years I have developed a communication with the unseen. I am guided by Spirit and either told what to do/share, shown what to do or simply know what to do with out knowing how I know. 

For some this may be way out there, and for me it is my natural state of being. These gifts and talents I tend to with the seriousness of an Olympic Athlete honing in on their sport. 

I don't expect everyone to understand, but if this resonates with you then perhaps this session is exactly what you need. 

Why would a client seek this type of energy work with me? 

To help break limiting thoughts, patterns, beliefs and ideas about themselves, relationships and the world around them. Perhaps the client experienced extreme loss, disappointment(s) or trauma(s). 

To be able to unearth the root of the issue and change thoughts and habits that have been feeding the issue. Whereby allowing for a brighter, stronger more confident version of you to emerge.

To reveal the light that you are and reclaim your power from whatever trauma or loss that may have occurred. 

Sometimes multiple sessions are required if the client is changing thoughts and the way they behave/react/respond in the world they're going to need support, what I call Spiritual Guidance. 

Before booking give me a call and let me answer any questions you might have, see if what I offer is what you need and go from there! 

My cell is 312-799-9414 text or leave a voice mail.

Thank you!  

Mouse Savaiano

​60 Minutes session: $100

 Credit Card, Cash or Check
​Venmo, Zelle, PayPal  

I went to see Mouse for an energy session. Mouse has a wonderful, grounded, clear and true presence. The energy work felt deeply soothing, and the intuitive images she shared with me were right on target, and are helping me be clear in my mind and feel balanced in my body. ~Susan A. 

Reiki / Energy Work / Spiritual Guidance

Mouse is very gifted as an intuitive and a healer - if you are looking to grow in any area of your life, whether it be spiritually, emotionally, physically or psychologically- you can trust her intuitively guided gentle and compassionate Energy Healing treatment. I just wish there were more people like her that embraced their gifts and shared them with the world! Thank you!  ~M.L.