Shamanic Healing and Guidance

Private one-on-one Shamanic Healing and Counselling sessions are designed to address the clients mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.  During any session a variety of tools may be used and a plan of action, once the session is over may be needed. Whether that involves a return visit or work done by the client outside of the treatment room. 

Most client come to me because they have experienced a trauma, either in their distant past or recently. These traumas can range from abuse/assault, neglect, loss of loved ones, job or home, diagnosis, operation(s), bone breaks, sprains, falls or accidents (bike, car, boat, plane, skiing, etc.)

In preparation for each client, privately on my own time, I go on a Shamanic Journey to receive guidance from my Helping Spirits prior to the individual session.  This allows for the most optimal use of our time together. 

What clients may experience in a Shamanic Healing session: 
Receiving Power
​Soul Retrieval 

Clearing of energies

Balancing harmony within the client

Every client is different, and the sessions are all guided by Spirit.  I am available for a conversation prior to booking an appointment to answer any questions you might have. 312-799-9414 (cell) 

Clients usually feel lighter, more empowered, clear on their next right steps, supported and seen after a session. 

These sessions can last from 60 to 90 minutes to 2 hours, so please make space and I would encourage clients not to have anything particularly taxing to do after the session. To be gentle with what they allow into their experience for the remainder of the day. 

Price for the session: $165.00 

Credit Card, Cash or Check  
​Venmo, Zelle, PayPal

To schedule your session please call Mouse at 312-799-9414 (cell) 

Other Offerings: 

Distance Healing - Energy Clearing, Guidance and Soul Retrieval  

House Clearings also available; price determined by square footage

Group Shamanic Journey Circles