60-90 minutes / $220

50 minutes / $120

Spiritual Guidance

During our time together, sitting in a room one-on-one, we will dive into what Spirit has for you regarding what ever "issue" you have present in your reality at the time, and where you need clarity and direction.  This is not a "Me telling you what to do session" - however, it is a dialog between you and the Channeling Spirits that want to come through.  It would resemble a coaching session or talk session, however with the guidance of Spirit, Angels, Ancestors and Helping Spirits you will experience a different type of clarity.  You are encouraged to bring a note book during this time together. We start with a blessings or guided meditation and dive into the truth of your being.  Come with an open mind and open heart and be prepared to leave you "story" of less than, lack, limitation and victim behind. You are an Eternal Being and I want to help you to remember that and live, work, love and play from that point of view.  Are you ready to change your life? Really ready? 


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Shamanic Soul Retrieval

It is believed that we loose a piece of our soul/spirit when traumatic events occur in our lives.  For example, if two cars where racing towards each other, destine for a head on collision a piece of you may want to say "I'm out of here" and not be part of this situation that is about to unfold. 

Trauma happens - it can be something as heartbreaking as the loss of a loved one, child, sibling, parent, spouse, friend or pet.  It might be trauma from a surgery - elective of otherwise. I trauma can happen simply by tripping up the stairs in public and feeling shame. It can also be from abuse, physical, sexual, emotion or mental. People have traumatic events when they break up, getting divorced, lose a job. 
People might experience shame around food, appearance, money, sex or love. 
That all being said - there are more ways this might even happen to someone.  I know that I personally have had trauma and soul parts retrieved on my behalf. 

During this time we can ask a specific part to return or ask the Helping Spirits to guide me on what part is ready to return.  This session can take up to 60 minutes and a waiting period of 3 months must occur before your next soul retrieval session.

Bring a notebook and wear comfortable, loose clothing. As you lay on the floor I will perform a sacred ritual to access the Power to retrieve the part or parts (usually no more than 3 soul parts, and sometime a Power Animal may want to return). As you lay on the mat, eye covered but not doing much of anything, in a Shamanic State I will retrieve the parts wanting to return. I will talk you through the ritual so that you are aware of what to expect more in depth. 

It is then up to the client to check  in with me 3 days, 2 weeks, 3 months and 1 year from the Soul Retrieval. 

This is a powerful, sacred and profound work. In Native Traditions if a member of the community experienced a trauma the Shaman would perform this ritual within three days of the event. They know the importance of this healing.

If you have questions please call me at the studio: 847-332-1510
Thank you and I look forward to working with you. 

MOUSE SAVAIANO, Shamanic Practitioner

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 Mouse Shamanic Healer
shamanic healer  & reiki master teacher

Integrative Shamanic Healing

Over 20 years ago, in my first "healing circle" I realized that I had an innate gift of healing touch. From then on over the years I have studied Reiki to the Master Teacher Level, (teaching classes out of Touch Transform studio) Shamanic Journey (now hosting Shamanic Journey Circles monthly), all the while developing my ability to communicate with Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Spirit Animals. 
What could happen in a session? 
In this session (different from the Spiritual Guidance) we delve into what the Universe, your Guides and Ancestors have to bring to you.  I might clear out your energy field, "balance" Chakras, clear out past traumas, bring to light that which needs to be revealed and healed. 

Sometimes a client might come in with an idea of what is going to happen and we may never touch on that! So it's important to come with and open mind and heart.  What is needed for you and your souls higher good is the intention. There might be something that you're not aware of that's blocking you from being the best version of you! I am here to clear the way, make a path and help you feel lighter, more clear and with hope.  

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Some past clients have reported being, well, surprised by what came up.  Here are some Testimonials about this specific type of session:

Mouse was a wonderful healer. She intuited a message from my childhood that I had forgotten and that was the big clue to over coming a long bad habit and changing my self care routine. ~Maria

 I met with Mouse for a Chakra alignment and the experience was nothing short of amazing. Her gifts in various healing modalities are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. Mouse and I worked on clearing energy to move me from a place of feeling overwhelmed and stuck in grief to feeling lighter and hopeful. She is a truth revealer with the ability to see what is not being spoken because she uses her unique talent to tap into your heart space and work on a level that I do not understand; however, I am eternally grateful for. During the session, I remember her saying, "I let your body and spirit talk to me to tell me what to do." WOW!!! If you are looking to shift and you are ready for the experience, you need to book an appointment today! Be ready to behold your transformation while working with Mouse. ~Anjie


Below are the three healing services I offer, INTEGRATIVE SHAMANIC HEALING (the Body Psychic Session), Spiritual Guidance and Shamanic Soul Retrieval. These sessions access the Spiritual Realm and are different in the application.  Read each carefully and write to me if you have any questions and I'll answer to the best of my ability.      Thank you, Mouse Savaiano